Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Day

No privacy today.  The Big One was home all day today staring at paper and hogging the computer, though he did find time to take me for a walk (I can't even type that without getting excited).   Wait, did The Big One just type "walk," or was it me?.....Me?  You sure?  Okay, moving on.  

Went to the dog park and kicked around with a Siberian Husky who tries to kill me everytime we hang out.  


My odds: 125,954,920 to 1

But it's our wits that make us puggles. 

If any of you ever get cornered by a Siberian Husky in the wild of the dog park, remember one thing: fall on the ground, roll on your back, and spread your legs.  The husky immediately loses all motivation to tear you to shreds.*

*Note: This might not work for male puggles.  Good luck though.



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C-Dawg said...

Thanks for the advice.